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    Dan Dragomir

      SEO scam: Emerging Software, Sumaira Sarfraz – if you reached this page, it means you want to know if you can do business with this person. They advertise websites related to cryptocurrency, investments, apps using AI – all a scam.

      I received this initial email:

      I hope you’re doing well. I am Sumaira, representing Emerging Software, and I am interested in your guest post services. We’re all about great content and new ideas.

      I’ve been a fan of your website for a while. Your articles are awesome and engaging!

      I’ve put together some valuable and original content that I think your readers will love. We’ve worked hard on it and made sure it’s unique.

      We understand how important it is to keep your platform trustworthy. Our content is top-notch, and we’re sure it’ll meet your standards. We’re thinking of a sponsored or guest post, and curious about the costs involved.

      If you’re interested, we can talk more and figure out the details together. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,
      Emerging Software
      by Sumaira Sarfraz

      I get like 10-15 of those per week and get to make 1 deal or 2. I searched the name and business and didn’t find any complaints online. So I assumed they’re a legit SEO agency. I never got scammed before, so this is why I decided to write this down, in English. Bear with me, it’s not my native language.

      The article was quite interesting. About using AI to make investment decisions, like buy or sell crypto. Nothing big, but could have been interesting. A fragment of this text also for Google:

      Can You Trust Crypto Price Predictions?
      The world of crypto is vast and evolving at a very fast pace. Prices are up and down fast, with
      traders needing help to predict crypto prices. Have you ever heard people talking about
      predictions for the future prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum? These are called
      crypto price predictions. Experts study market trends and analyze data to determine where the
      prices of different cryptocurrencies might go.
      The Unpredictable Nature of Cryptocurrencies
      But here’s the thing – predicting the future of cryptocurrencies is hard! The crypto market is very
      unpredictable and can change direction quickly. One day, the price of Bitcoin might be going up
      and up, and the next day, it could suddenly crash down.

      This is another scam. Making people install a new and unsafe app, and thinking they get to use AI for investments. I should have known better. List of their websites:

      thequantum-ai com
      the-etherum-code com
      britishbitcoin-profit com
      the-tesler-app com
      the-bitcoin-traders-app com
      the-immediateconnect com
      btcloopholepro com

      All scam apps and websites!!

      I found this too late: don’t Fall for the Viral Quantum AI Scam.

      Quantum AI is a dangerous investment scam operation that has been deceiving victims through the use of fake celebrity endorsement videos, false promises, and a network of fraudulent websites. This elaborate ruse has raised multiple red flags among financial cybersecurity experts.

      The scammers first promoted Quantum AI in early 2023 via deepfake videos of celebrities like Elon Musk distributed across social media. Advanced voice cloning technology allows them to precisely imitate famous figures who appear to enthusiastically endorse Quantum AI in the fabricated footage.

      In the same way, Ethereum code is a total scam.

      They call all day and night and will call back-to-back multiple times daily. Since they gained access to my number, they have called me no less than 95 times with all different phone numbers. I don’t know any legitimate business with blocked numbers or no address needing to “send instructions” to make things work for “customers.” STAY FAR away.

      British bitcoin profit is a scam? Yes, totally also a scam.

      Wish I could turn back time, but it’s too late now. So I’m leaving this here for interested people to find. Don’t fall for it, it’s a scam. Also, Sumaira Sarfraz, Emerging Software, is a scammer. SEO scammer –

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